Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hi everyone,

In the second blog post, I introduced Rachel’s English. Now it’s time to introduce another excellent site, that I like very much. It is Mandy's  Mandy’s target is to teach pronunciation. However, she uses methods that are different from Rachel’s ones. 

Mandy also provides several materials for free, but they are mostly audio podcasts. She’s uploaded 191 shows. Her podcasts are presented in a more conservative style. She goes through every topic in American English pronunciation that can be challenge for a non-native speaker. She has some free video content as well. On youtube, her video podcasts are available. She has uploaded transcripts of her podcasts.

I like to go over the same topics using both Rachel’s videos and Mandy’s podcasts. They show the same issue differently, with different emphasis and style. Sometimes when something isn’t clear from one of them, the other lady’s explanation makes it more understandable. Sometimes they even have different opinion. Later I’m going to show the similarities and the divergences as well.

On her website, Mandy provides lessons on sounds (vowels, consonants). I like her classification for vowel sounds. She teaches stress, linking, and pitch. She has also written some books which hopefully, once I get them, I'll introduce on this blog as well. 

The free part of her website is very helpful and includes podcasts and some topics I mentioned above. She also has premium contents for subscribers with a lot of exercises and quizzes.
Mandy is available at English Assembly, on its forum, and at Facebook as well.  
In my entries, I’m going to refer to Mandy’s website and podcasts as well.

‘Gardeniafly’ was kind enough to review my entry again.  She is not searching new students anymore. But I can recommend someone else, or you can visit Italki.

Gardienfly’s comment: 

Combining the viewpoints of two different teachers is a great idea for gaining new perspectives on the same subject. I always try to tell my students to take classes from multiple teachers so that you can get used to different accents and different ways English speakers say the same things. It can never hurt to have too much information! However, if you are a beginner, you might want to limit yourself to listen to just two or three different people at once so that you don't overwhelm yourself in trying to catch the different accents and pronunciations.




  1. Yeah. I agree with you. is a great website and Mandy is a great teacher. Her lessons are extremely helpful and detailed.

  2. so useful :)
    thank you a lot !!!