Monday, November 17, 2014

Connection not perfection – New way of learning with All Ears English

Hey Guys,

Today, let me speak about an amazing podcast. It is All Ears English that was founded by Lindsay McMahon “the English Adventurer” and Gabby Wallace “the Language Angel” from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. In this short article I’m going to introduce Lindsay and Gabby, their podcast very briefly, in addition I’m going to tell you who I recommend this podcast to. All Ears English is also available on iTunes, and Stitcher.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tarle Speech - An awesome pronunciation teacher

Hi everyone,

In my previous posts I introduced you to my favorite pronunciation teachers. They are Rachel and
Mandy. I referred to their materials (videos, audios, websites) in several other posts of mine such as classification of English vowel sounds. I still like their activity; however, if I wrote these posts nowadays, they could be little different. Why? I would consider another pronunciation teacher as well whose name is Jennifer Tarle. Today, I would like to write about her activity, Youtube channel and website.