Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sheep vs ship - Long E (EE) and Short I (IH) Sounds


Let’s begin to work on vowel sounds in pairs. One of my mistakes was that I couldn’t differentiate between two vowels:  the long E vowel (like in sheep) and short I vowel (like in ship). Understanding the difference between these two vowels is very important, otherwise you can misunderstand others, or you can be misunderstood and  get into an awkward situation. For example, if you say shit instead of sheet during a presentation, or bitch instead of beach, or piss instead of peace, you may seem  offensive, vulgar or very rude. You have to be careful. In this article, I will mention Rachel’s English (including her video channel) and Mandy’s podcast.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

English Vowel Sounds – Part I. Classification


Let’s jump to a serious topic that I’ve had the most difficulties with in my English learning:  the system of the American English vowel sounds. I won't tell you that I haven’t had any problems with consonants, But for now I’d like to concentrate on vowel sounds. This entry will be rather long. Sorry guys, I have to go through it. Hopefully it won’t be as painful as a tooth extraction! First, I must  explain how I will name the American English vowels.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Interview with Gardeniafly

Hi everyone,

Starting with this post, I'm beginning a new series within my blog. I plan to conduct interviews with some teachers whom I work with or whose materials I use. The first teacher I spoke with is Gardeniafly. You can read her comments at the bottom of each blog post.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Today’s idiom – Spill the Beans

Hi everyone,
I'm writing today’s entry because a lot of people have asked me to speak about idioms. What is an idiom? An idiom is “a group of words that have a special meaning that is very different from the ordinary meaning of the separate words” (from the Longman Dictionary of American English). Americans (and other native English speakers) use a great number of idioms. It makes the English language beautiful, varied and alive. However, it also makes the language learner’s life difficult. But believe me, it’s a great adventure. In this series within my blog, I’m going to introduce books, websites, and video channels that can help you. An important notice: I never use other people thoughts as mine. I always indicate the source. I can’t show all the idioms, it’s impossible, but I can show you where you can learn idioms from.