Friday, May 16, 2014

Out of time

Hey guys,

I get several question about my next post here. Well, you're right. At the beginning I posted more. I have two unfinished series:
- American English vowels,
- tricks of T sounds,
- interviews.
These series are not interrupted, I'm going to continue them. 
My next posts are written right now, but I can do it slower than at the beginning. I've published 27 posts. My target is to reach the 40th post (this one is not counted).

If you want to watch nice videos about American English just follow Rachel's English on youtube. I also recommend Mandy's

I'm going to post an interview with Kate very soon.

Bye bye,


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tricks of T sound 3 – What happens with T (or D) sound between two consonants

Hi everyone,

After the flap T, and glottal stop  let’s see what can happen with the T (or D) sound between two consonant sounds. Try to pronounce the word exactly”. Its “official” pronunciation is /ɪgˈzæktli/. It means that the T sound should be pronounced but it’s not so easy, especially in quick everyday speech. So what happens in real everyday conversations, or even in formal situations? I have an easy job now. What I will do is only refer to one of Rachel’s recent videos.