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Index to Rachel's English videos - Old version

More details about Rachel (in a former blog post)
Last Update of the old version May 20th, 2017. 
Remember: this index can’t substitute for Rachel’s pronunciation book. My index doesn’t follow the structure of the book!

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0.       Online school & Academy

1. Introduction

2. IPA and alphabet

3. Relaxing and improving

4. Learning sounds

4.1. Vowel sounds
4.1.1. How to pronounce vowels

4.1.2. Vowel related videos
/Vow-06/ Vowel Comparison: American English Pronunciation - [i] [ɪ] [æ] [ɛ] [u] [ʊ] [ɑ] [ɔ] [ʌ] [ə] [ɜ]
/Vow-07/ How to Pronounce the Letter E - American English -  [i] [ɪ] [æ] [ɛ] [ɑ] [ə] [eɪ]
/Vow-08/ How to Pronounce the Letter I - American English -  [i] [ɪ] [ə] [aɪ] [j]
/Vow-10/How to Pronounce the Letter U - American English -  [ɪ] [ɛ] [u] [ʊ] [ʌ] [ə] [ju] [w]
/Vow-13/ How to Pronounce the Letter A: American English -  [ɪ] [æ] [ɛ] [ɑ] [ɔ] [ə] [eɪ]

4.2. Consonants
4.2.1. How to pronounce consonants

American English: T Pronunciations (true T, Flap T, stop T, glottal stop) - 

4.2.2. Consonant related videos
/Con-20/ How to Pronounce TH after N or Z: American English -  [θ] [ð] [n] [z]
/Con-23/ How to Pronounce the Letter S - American English -  [s] [z] [ʃ] [ʒ]
/Con-24/ S Consonant Clusters - American English Pronunciation  [s] [t] [r] [m] [n] [p] [l] [ɹ] [w] [f]
/Con-34/ How to Pronounce the Letters NG: American English -  [n] [ʤ] [ŋ] [k] [g]
/Con-40/ Holding out the R: American English Pronunciation -  [ɹ] [k] [g] [p] [b] [t] [d]

4.3. Mixed cases
/Mix-05/ How to Pronounce AR, ORN, etc: American English -  [ɹ], [ɑ] [ɔ] [ju] [u] [l] [t]
/Mix-06/ How to Pronounce OUGH: American English -  [u] [aʊ] [oʊ], [ɑ] [ɔ] [ʌ] [f] 
/Mix-07/ How to Pronounce the Letter Y: American English -  [i] [ə] [aɪ] [j]

5. Linking

6. Word stress
English Stress: 3-syllable Words (second syllable stress)

7. Intonation

8. Reductions and contractions

9. How to pronounce common words and phrases
10. Homophones and heteronyms
11.a Idioms

11. b Phrasal verbs

12. Interview a broadcaster

13. Real American life
14. For Chinese students

15. American English vs British English

16. Ben Frenklin & Imitation exercises

16.1. Ben Frenklin

16.2. Imitation

17. Contractversations

18. Video challenge

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