Thursday, January 22, 2015

Go Natural English – Meet Gabby Wallace

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about All Ears English podcast, that was founded by Lindsay McMahon and Gabby Wallace. I mentioned that Gabby left All Ears English after working for one year on episodes of All Ears English. In this post, I’m going to give you more details about her own project called Go Natural English and my personal impressions about Gabby and her methods.

Who is Gabby?

Let me quote her website. “Gabby Wallace, M.Ed. TESOL, helps international students to reach success in their professional and personal lives through English learning. She focuses on helping university students and adult professionals to move from an intermediate level to fluent English. After 10 years of teaching ESL, she has some tricks to help English learners get the fluency they want quickly! “ She is from Boston, Massachusetts, USA but now she’s living in Tokyo, Japan. She also lived and worked in Argentina, South America.

After listening more than 210 AEE episodes that she worked on and watching several youtube videos (including Go Natural English podcast), I can tell you that Gabby is an awesome person. She adores teaching English using different kinds of methods. She loves meeting different people from all over the world. Gabby is not only foreigner students but she’s also learning about other cultures during her lessons. She is very kind and understanding what kind of problems a language learner may face, as she’s learning Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese. One thing is sure: she may teach or she may learn, she does it with enthusiasm and positive attitude.

She published her first video lesson nearly 3 years ago.

It’s her first available video about greetings like “How are you?”, “How’s everything”, “How’s it going”, “How’s work”. She also gives information about their pronunciation and some possible responses.

Since then she’s published around 150 videos on different topics. I like American English pronunciation, so I’m very happy that she has some pronunciation videos as well. I give an example. She teaches how to pronounce six difficult words (can, can’t, walk, work, thought, taught).

She has some lessons to teach phrasal verbs (such as show up, wait up, pull up) and idioms (playing list available here). I consider phrasal verbs and idioms extremely important. Maybe you know the meaning a lot of words but they can mean something different, and Americans do love using phrasal verbs and idioms. It makes their conversation more natural that is far from the so called “text book English”. Well, it can be Gabby’s main target: to teach natural, every day spoken English that you can’t get from your study books. That’s why she named her own project “Go Natural English”.

On October 13, 2014, Gabby launched her own podcast that is available on her website and youtube channel. As I see, the topics she is talking about are similar to her former videos, but in the framework of a podcast (audio and video) she publishes new episodes more frequently  and regularly.
I could write several pages, or even a whole series in connection with episodes from podcast, but now I’d like to pick my favorite American issue out: How “T” is pronounced in American English. I do like how Americans say “water” or “bottle” and so forth.

If you don’t want to miss any episodes, you can subscribe to GNE on youtube, on iTunes or on STITCHER.

She also provides free ebooks (100 Most Common English phrases and 15 Fixes from fluency) that can get you from her website. It also means that you can join GNE email group so you can be up to date about Gabby’s activity. The booklet of 15 Fixes is very interesting, in addition she began to present each fix in an individual podcast episode.

Gabby announced a new course called Fluent 15.

I recommend you to visit Go Natural English to get more details about Gabby and her other tools she made for you. You will enjoy learning English.

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  1. Dear Gabby Wallace
    I am Chali Petros from Ethiopia. I have attended your Go Natural English. English is not my mother tongue language, rather it is my third language. I want to improve English language, How can you help me.


    Thank you

  2. Hi gabby am sneha form india I want ti learn american english