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My favorite Nightwish covers

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After a longer break caused by some unpleasant things, I return to writing, but this post won’t be very serious. Now, let me answer a question about music. I was asked quite often about my favorite style of music, and group. Well, I’m great fan of rock music. If I begin to chat about it, I can hardly finish. I do love a lot of groups from Hungary and other parts of the world. My favorite group outside of Hungary is Nightwish from Finland. What kind of music do they play? You’ll see it, I mean you’ll hear it. At the moment, they are between two albums, and two tours. They may be preparing new songs under the radar, so I have no information about it. I don’t feel like writing about their past, about their former albums. I would rather write about other groups and singers who like performing covers. 
As I mentioned I won’t write the whole story of this group. I’ll just give some important background information that information so you can understand everything now. (If you’re interested in details, you can find them on several sites such as visit the official website.) They’re from Finnland. The group always has a female singer. The first one was Tarja Turunen with an education in classical music. With her, the group combined heavy metal and opera style singing together. When she left the band, it shocked many fans, but with the second singer (called Annette Olson – she’s from Sweden, so the group became international) they could preserve their popularity. Later, the second singer also left the band, and the present singer is Floor Jansen from the Netherlands. In my opinion, the current lineup is the best one.

As they’re quite popular, several other singers like singing their songs making nice covers. Well, when a group plays a song from another group and they do it indicating the source, it’s called a cover. Not plagiarism, because they don’t say “It’s our song”. On Youtube, there are thousands of Nightwish covers, and I have heard hundreds of them. I have chosen 10 nice covers that I like the best. Why have I chosen them? Because, they preserved the main important elements of the original songs while adding their own personalities. 

1. Elina Siirala (from EnkElination) – Sleeping Sun

In my opinion this is the best Nightwish cover I’ve ever heard. Elina is an excellent singer. Originally she was an opera singer like Tarja Turunen, but in the cover she isn’t singing “an opera”. It’s beautiful- I was totally amazed when I heard for the first time. If you like how she sings songs by Nightwish, listen other songs performed by her group EnkElination. Later we’ll meet the Sleeping sun again.

2. Rachel (from Benevolent Demise) – She is my sin

Although my favorite English teacher Rachel is also a singer, this singer is someone else. I do love how Rachel sings this and other Nightwish songs. Her group (Benevolent Demise) performs quite harder type heavy or dark metal that is also enjoyable. I love in this version the way how the music is recorded, namely they replaced the synthesizer melody with nice guitar sound.

3.  Jenn PK – Dead boy’s poem

This is not the very first Nightwish song that I come across from Jenn. She is amazing. She is not only singing this song but she also made a beautiful video clip, so that’s why I put here.


4. & 5. Juliana Furlani – Katia Iva (Collaboration cover led by Vithor Morales) – Ghost love score

What is a collaboration cover? The music is recorded by different musicians from all over the world. Maybe they have never met personally, but they play the same song and the leader of the project puts everything together. In this cover, we can hear musicians, singers from Brazil, the Netherlands, Norway, France, USA, Austria, Poland. The lead singer (Juliana) is from Brazil, you can find her other records as well on Youtube.

Vithor Morales also made another beautiful collaboration cover of this beautiful song with different singer (Katia Iva) and musicians.  You can hear the same song from different approach of genial singers. As for me, I can’t decide from these version which one is the best.
Both Juliana and Katia have their own youtube channel that show their other records, including other Nightwish covers as well.

6. Dayana Kin (Collaboration cover led by MattismPL) – Amaranth
In my opinion, MattismPL made a mistake in his description to this video. He wrote: “I was always wondering how would "Amaranth" sound if someone sing it in more Tarja Turnen way,” as this song was originally recorded with the second singer called Anette Olzon. Fortunately, Dayana sang this song in “Dayana Kin” way, otherwise she wouldn’t be on this list. In my opinion, there is only one singer who could do this song in “more Tarja Turunen way”: Tarja Turunen herself, but she will never sing this song, I’m pretty sure. I have only one problem with this cover: they used too much echo effect, but anyways, it’s extraordinarily good.

7. Susanne Scherer (MoonSun) – Nemo

MoonSun made some awesome covers of Nightwish and other groups. They recorded the music again with only acoustic instruments such as the guitar and the piano. Susanne has a beautiful voice, and she expresses her emotions beautifully. From this point of view, maybe she deserves a higher place in my list.

8. Miss Elena House – Sleeping Sun

The first time, I clicked off this video after the first minute. Later I listened to it another time, and I got to like it. Elena is very young and cute. Her soft voice touched my soul. Her video is very nice. She doesn’t have another Nightwish cover, but her other videos are also amazing (such as Nothing Else Matters by Metallica).

9. Children’s choir (piano by Dean Korpi) – Amaranth
Dean Korpi did an excellent job writing the choir scores and playing the piano to this song. The conductor is his sister Andrea Corpi. Dean Korpi also uploaded other beautiful covers (including ones from Nightwish) on his Youtube site.

10. Alina Lesnik - Ghost love score

At last but not least, you can hear a beautiful cover of Ghost love score sung by Alina Lesnik. Her voice is very nice, I'm sure you'll enjoy her other videos as well.

plus 1. A Cover Parody Tribute By Dan-Elias Brevig – Dark chest wonders

Most of the Nightwish songs are written to be sung by a female singer with some male vocals, so I didn’t put covers made by male singers. This is the only exception, because it’s so funny. This cover deserves the +1 spot. It’s a brilliant parody inspired by the DVD “End of an era” (the very last Nightwish record sung by Tarja Turunen in 2005). I think you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t know the original song.

After this excursion in the world of music, I return to the nice American English in my next post.

Kate checked this post again. She is searching new students again on her ITALKI profile. Her lessons are awesome and enjoyable. 

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