Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rachel's English

Hi everyone,

Welcome back! I’m very happy that I got some feedback and encouragement on my blog. I was thinking a lot about the second entry since this will be the first one that tries to introduce an issue. For this entry, I’ve chosen to introduce you to “Rachel’s English”. Rachel has a website, a Youtube video channel, and a Facebook page  that introduce you to American English. Her sites are linked together.

Who is Rachel? She is a pretty and funny American woman from Manhattan, New York City. She doesn’t teach English grammar directly. Instead, her videos teach the pronunciation of American English. All the videos are free and available on her Youtube channel. She also provides premium content on her website. The premium materials complete  her videos with a lot of exercises and other learning material.

She also provides an online course. Every important detail about this course is available on her website. My dream is to participate in one of these courses. If I able to do so, I’ll inform you about it.

Rachel has already uploaded more than 300 videos. She tries to make her videos as enjoyable as possible. She explains how the American sounds (vowels, consonants) are created and the differences between similar sounds, how to sound more American, how to pronounce some frequently used words, and a lot of other topics. I’m going to share several videos with you.

Now, I’d like to concentrate on my favorite part which is the “American English in Real Life” series. Although each of Rachel’s video are as funny and enjoyable as possible, the videos of the “Real Life” series are the best. In these videos, we can meet Rachel, her friends (including her boy friend), and her parents so that we can get a glimpse of Rachel's real life. Watching these videos, you get to like her and feel like she's a good friend. In my opinion, the best video is the “American Road Trip” video. It is worth seeing since it’s funny and not long.

Next time I'm going to speak about my other favorite site (

UPDATE: My friends from Really Learn English called my attention that they conducted an interview with Rachel in 2010. It's available on their website.

This entry is reviewed and edited by ‘gardeniafly’ again.  She is not searching new students anymore. But I can recommend someone else, or you can visit Italki.

Gardienfly’s comment:
I think that Rachel's videos are great! The fact that people are able to see here day-to-day life by watching these videos is awesome because it gives more meaning behind the words she uses. Also, it's an excellent way to get to know American culture. As you are learning English, it's important to have real life experiences to connect new vocabulary and grammar to. A helpful tip: when studying new vocabulary, create sentences and pictures using this vocabulary. It will help you to remember the words more quickly and efficiently.




  1. Rachel's English is good. I'd like to mention also these two:

  2. I have been learning some fascinating aspects of my own language since I have become an English teacher. For example, I teach this as part of my video class using Rachel's English - American Pronunciation:
    Vocabulary for the video class (Conversation Class)

    Diphthong: Linguistics : two vowel sounds joined in one syllable to form one speech sound
    ▪ The sounds of “ou” in “out” and of “oy” in “boy” are diphthongs.

    Linking: how the words in a sentence join (link) together. Not to be confused with ‘linking verb’.

    Reduction: the shortened form or version of a word. Because (cuz) Kind of (kinda) I got you (gotcha)

    IPA is an abbreviation for International Phonetic Alphabet

    The schwa: (ə) a phonetic symbol that represents the sound of A as in America.

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  3. Thank you very much.
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  4. very useful , i watched one of her videos , sounds interesting ,
    i hope i keep watching the rest of the series and get out of it with benefit . .

    thank you a lot Attila for your great post

  5. Dear Hdeel, It's a happiness to me that you liked Rachel's videos. It shows I chose a good topic to write about. And I'm happy you follow my blog.

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